Tennis Court Construction


Tennis Court Construction is a popular sport that can be played on several different types of surfaces. Each surface offers a unique set of playing characteristics that affect the style of play and a player’s natural playing ability. The four main types of Tennis court surfaces are Grass, Clay, Hard and Artificial Grass.

Tennis court construction is a detailed process that involves excavation, foundation and surface construction. When constructing a Tennis court it is important to prepare the site properly by removing any grass or topsoil and ensuring that the subbase is constructed using a proper mix of material for drainage. The grading of the site is also very important to ensure that the surface will not sink or slope and cause any issues with the court surface or playability.

Customizing Your Tennis Court: Adding Features for Enhanced Playability

Once the ground has been prepared, a heavy-duty asphalt pavement layer is then installed. The court is then rolled to provide an even and smooth surface. Once the court is complete it is then surfaced with an acrylic coating to offer cushioning and a nice bounce. Fences, bleachers and other necessary accessories are then added to finish the court.

When choosing a surface for your tennis court there are many options to consider such as cost, maintenance, and durability. Asphalt is a common choice for most courts, but has the disadvantage of cracking over time and requires regular resurfacing. Another option is Post-Tension Concrete, which is a bit more expensive but is built to last and does not crack.

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