Why Wet Pour Surfaces Are Ideal For Children’s Playgrounds

Wet Pour Surfaces

Unlike loose-fill surfacing systems, which require regular maintenance and can quickly get dirty, wet pour surfaces are durable and hardwearing. They are also safe, reducing the risk of injury, making them ideal for children’s playgrounds.

They are very comfortable to walk on, creating a ‘spongy-like’ Wet Pour Surfaces, and have excellent shock absorption properties. Wet pour safety surfacing is very popular in schools & nurseries, but they can be used in any facility that requires impact-absorbing soft surfacing.

Wet pour surfacing is made of EPDM rubber granules bound together with polyurethane binders and installed directly into the ground. It is poured onto a suitable sub-base, such as tarmac, concrete or no fines asphalt.

Commercial Applications of Wet Pour Surfaces: Safety and Style Combined

It can be laid to a thickness that is tested and certified to a variety of critical fall heights, making it the perfect surfacing solution for children’s play equipment. The surfacing is designed to reduce the risk of head injuries and is very popular in schools and nurseries.

It is available in a range of vibrant colours, allowing designers to create complex patterns and shapes. The granules can be mixed with different colours to provide educational aids and games for the children, and the surfacing can be sculpted into various shapes and sizes. The PlaySmart brand of wet pour surfacing, known as RubbaSmart, has a choice of 20 colour options and can be installed in different thicknesses dependant on any existing play equipment within the area. The surface is designed with a layer of SBR base material, which acts as a shock absorbent and the top layer is an EPDM wearing course of rubber granules that come in a choice of bright colours. The granules are mixed with an Aliphatic binder, which means they hold their colour better than surfaces that use Aromatic binders.

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