What Fence For A Windy Area?

Do you live by the sea or in a windy region? It’s a fact, some fences are not very suitable, or even not recommended when there is a lot of wind.

No question of finding your fence or your palisade on the ground after violent gusts of wind, is it?

In this article, zoom on the different existing solutions to fence your garden, even when it’s very windy!

Enclosing your garden when it’s windy, not so easy!

Facade of building with lampBy the sea, as at altitude, the wind can quickly become very annoying. To put an end to all these worries and to enjoy your garden as it should, a suitable fence must be installed in your garden.

So far, so good. But how do you choose the right fence when you live in a windy region?

Near the sea and in the mountains, this choice must be well thought out. The product in which you invest must be solid. It should also match your needs and environment.

Opt for a light and very open fence for your fence in windy areas

Why do you want to fence your garden? If the purpose of this arrangement is to protect your children and pets, it is recommended to install a fence.

Indeed, the holes with which these fences are equipped to allow the air to pass. The wind does not force the installation. As a result, it cannot break.

Note that the fences are made of particularly resistant materials (iron, steel, etc.). Your children and pets will not be able to make their way outside under any circumstances.

On the other hand, it is difficult with a fence to personalize its exterior or to have a wooden-style palisade.

Fencing in windy areas: opt for fence panels with gaps between the boards

If you want to install a fence to protect you from vis-à-vis and wind, it is wise to opt for panels with spaced blades.

Same thing as for the fence: the wind sneaks between the spaces; the resistance is, therefore, less, as is the risk of breaking your fence.

However, it is essential to choose a fence made with a resistant component to face the harsh weather conditions. Wood, PVC, and aluminum are highly recommended for individuals living by the sea or at altitude, for example.

Fence in windy areas: opt for solid panels with decorative openwork blades

With a fence or a fence with spaces between the slats, your privacy is not really preserved.

To overcome this, it is easily possible to install solid panels, but this time with openwork decorative slats within even from your fence.

The fences with decorative perforated aluminum slats are ideal for enjoying your outdoor space without having to worry about the eyes of passers-by. In addition, these openwork decorative slats reduce wind resistance by nearly 60%!

This way, your palisade is not in danger of falling over: The fences resist winds of up to 140 km/h.

Decorative Slats For Fences

Dress up your composite fence with decorative slats! In thermo-lacquered and perforated aluminum, they are available in 3 sizes and numerous colors.

Fence in windy areas: robustness of the fastening system

Before you start buying your fence, make sure that it has a sturdy mounting system and support. These aspects are all the more important when you live in areas where the wind blows hard.

In the event of a storm, it is essential that your installation holds up. Your fence must be fixed in such a way as to resist effectively. It must also be properly supported so as not to collapse.

For these purposes, prefer sink-in plates, which offer a better grip than bolt-on plates. Also, opt for steel when possible.

Another aspect to take into account: the DTU Neige& Vents. The guidelines that the report contains allow individuals to ensure that their product will be able to withstand the weather conditions they face, depending on the area where they live.

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