The Political Flags Collection

As the rancorous presidential election of 2016 approaches its end, it is tempting to believe it was the nastiest in American history. But, according to Mark Shenkman ’65 (CLAS) H ’07, president of Shenkman Capital Management and a preeminent collector of historic American political campaign flags, banners, and kerchiefs, the race between Henry Clay and James Polk in 1844 was just as contentious. Shenkman’s favorite flag in his extensive collection depicts Clay affixed to the head of a raccoon–a Whig Party symbol thumbing its nose at the establishment.

Shenkman’s 67 carefully preserved block-printed cotton and silk flags show how American politicians promoted their campaigns in the 19th century by using creatively designed American flags that were often hung from barn walls or affixed to sticks to be waved at rallies and conventions. The exhibition demonstrates the evolution of presidential campaigning during a time when themes such as immigration, protectionism, reform, prosperity, and patriotism figured prominently in campaigns.

Express Your Views: Political Flags Collection Unveiled

Embrace your beliefs with our full range of Political Flags Collection and protest flags. With quality craftsmanship and red, white, and blue spirit, this collection delivers the right look for any event or location. Our dye sublimation printing process fuses your design into the fibers of the material, making it fade-resistant and durable. Choose from single- or double-sided printing to best convey your message. Single-sided flags are the perfect canvas for a clear and impactful image, while double-sided flags offer symmetry and versatility.

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