Short Term Rentals in Corpus Christi Now Allowed in Single-Family Zones

short term rentals in Corpus Christi

Amid military housing provider in San Antonio and deteriorating property values, the city is looking to regulate vacation rentals with a new short term rental ordinance. The measure allows STRs (short-term rentals) with restrictions in single-family districts citywide, excluding North Padre Island. The new rules also require owners to register their properties, pay a $100 fee and obtain a permit.

STRs, which are also known as vacation rentals, are typically furnished apartments, condos and houses where renters can feel more at home than in a hotel. Until recently, Corpus Christi only allowed them in multifamily zones.

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City Council passed the new rules at its Tuesday meeting. It defines an STR as “a dwelling unit, including a single-family or multifamily unit, which is operated for fewer than 30 consecutive days for a fee.” Type 1 STRs are owner-occupied and allow operators to rent out a room, private suite or the entire property of their primary residence.

The STR ordinance defines Type 2 STRs as nonowner-occupied and allow property owners to rent out a room or the entire unit of a property, but not the primary residence. It includes short-term rentals that are operated by professional management companies and/or third parties.

The city’s suburban layout limits public transportation options. Nevertheless, renters can use local buses like Valley Transit and Greyhound to connect with nearby communities. On-demand ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are also available. Having a personal vehicle is highly recommended for renters, as most destinations are not within walking distance from the bus stop.

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