Free Email Address Risk Detection

Whether a new user signs up, checks out, or reaches out for more information, if that email address risk detection is invalid and prone to fraud, your business will suffer. Invalid email addresses hurt your deliverability, make it difficult to reach your customers and ultimately lead to a continuously declining ROI.

That’s why a robust email verification solution is key to prevent fake accounts and fraud and keep your business safe.

Our free email risk detection combines a wide variety of data points that scrutinize an email address in real time, instantly analyzing the data to determine its integrity. We use advanced heuristics to detect common signs of fraudulent behavior, such as the age of an email address and its overall activity levels versus a newer account. We also check if the email has been associated with any leaked data breaches and lookups against known phishing and spam trap domains as well as disposable email services commonly used by fraudsters.

In addition, our risk score analyzes the email sequence and structure by comparing it against variations that fraudsters often use in their schemes, such as switching out characters, adding or subtracting letters, or even replacing them altogether (known as transposition or substitution). This enables us to see the sleight-of-hand fraudsters employ, protecting your business against advanced scams. Learn more about our free email risk detection by requesting a demo today. We’ll be in touch shortly to get started!

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