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What Fence For A Windy Area?

Do you live by the sea or in a windy region? It’s a fact, some fences are not very suitable, or even not recommended when there is a lot of wind.

No question of finding your fence or your palisade on the ground after violent gusts of wind, is it?

In this article, zoom on the different existing solutions to fence your garden, even when it’s very windy!

Enclosing your garden when it’s windy, not so easy!

Facade of building with lampBy the sea, as at altitude, the wind can quickly become very annoying. To put an end to all these worries and to enjoy your garden as it should, a suitable fence must be installed in your garden.

So far, so good. But how do you choose the right fence when you live in a windy region?

Near the sea and in the mountains, this choice must be well thought out. The product in which you invest must be solid. It should also match your needs and environment.

Opt for a light and very open fence for your fence in windy areas

Why do you want to fence your garden? If the purpose of this arrangement is to protect your children and pets, it is recommended to install a fence.

Indeed, the holes with which these fences are equipped to allow the air to pass. The wind does not force the installation. As a result, it cannot break.

Note that the fences are made of particularly resistant materials (iron, steel, etc.). Your children and pets will not be able to make their way outside under any circumstances.

On the other hand, it is difficult with a fence to personalize its exterior or to have a wooden-style palisade.

Fencing in windy areas: opt for fence panels with gaps between the boards

If you want to install a fence to protect you from vis-à-vis and wind, it is wise to opt for panels with spaced blades.

Same thing as for the fence: the wind sneaks between the spaces; the resistance is, therefore, less, as is the risk of breaking your fence.

However, it is essential to choose a fence made with a resistant component to face the harsh weather conditions. Wood, PVC, and aluminum are highly recommended for individuals living by the sea or at altitude, for example.

Fence in windy areas: opt for solid panels with decorative openwork blades

With a fence or a fence with spaces between the slats, your privacy is not really preserved.

To overcome this, it is easily possible to install solid panels, but this time with openwork decorative slats within even from your fence.

The fences with decorative perforated aluminum slats are ideal for enjoying your outdoor space without having to worry about the eyes of passers-by. In addition, these openwork decorative slats reduce wind resistance by nearly 60%!

This way, your palisade is not in danger of falling over: The fences resist winds of up to 140 km/h.

Decorative Slats For Fences

Dress up your composite fence with decorative slats! In thermo-lacquered and perforated aluminum, they are available in 3 sizes and numerous colors.

Fence in windy areas: robustness of the fastening system

Before you start buying your fence, make sure that it has a sturdy mounting system and support. These aspects are all the more important when you live in areas where the wind blows hard.

In the event of a storm, it is essential that your installation holds up. Your fence must be fixed in such a way as to resist effectively. It must also be properly supported so as not to collapse.

For these purposes, prefer sink-in plates, which offer a better grip than bolt-on plates. Also, opt for steel when possible.

Another aspect to take into account: the DTU Neige& Vents. The guidelines that the report contains allow individuals to ensure that their product will be able to withstand the weather conditions they face, depending on the area where they live.

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Bathroom, Clean, Faucet, Indoors, SinkThe bathroom is a very important place in every home. Many people start renovating an apartment by renovating the bathroom. As a rule, in domestic apartments and houses, bathrooms are very small, so it is very important to organize the space correctly. Place all the necessary elements in it: a bathroom or shower, toilet, sink, washing machine, laundry basket, cupboards for accessories. Therefore, it is important to think over the interior design of the sanitary unit very carefully.

Bathroom or shower: that is the question

When renovating bathrooms, many people cannot make up their minds for a long time: what to install a shower or a bathroom. Installing a shower room can save a lot of space. But there are some nuances here.

Benefits of installing a shower room:

  • Significant space savings. Typically, the shower takes up one corner in the sanitary room, which allows you to neatly install a toilet bowl, sink, washing machine and basket around the perimeter. If the room is narrow and long, then you can place the shower along the opposite wall door. Allocate the rest of the space for the remaining elements. 
  • Various design options. The market offers a huge number of types, including classic showers and various unusual solutions. The shower room can be with a small built-in bathtub, inside which not only a child, but also an adult can fit. Here you can kill two birds with one stone at the same time: take a bath or shower at will. 
  • The ability to economically make your own shower. To do this, you just need to delimit the space correctly. To collect water, you can use a simple sump or even refuse it and arrange a drain inside the tiled floor. It is important to make a protective curb on the floor that will not allow water to spread over the rest of the bathroom. To delimit the space from splashing water, you can use glass, plastic doors, or a completely economical option – use a waterproof curtain. Such a shower will take up very little space.

The advantages of installing a bathroom:

  • Today it is possible to buy a very small bathtub, which also does not take up much space in the room. 
  • Storage space can be arranged under the bathroom. 
  • Many people prefer baths, as they like to lie down in warm water and relax.

Storage systems

For the convenient organization of space in the sanitary unit, the use of storage systems will significantly save space. Ideas for storing various accessories:

  • Bathroom rails. Roof rails are a very convenient tool for organizing the interior. Thanks to them, you can place a large number of hanging hooks and baskets anywhere above the bathroom, under the mirror, on the wall. On the rails, you can hang towels, install containers and cups for toothbrushes and other little things. 
  • Hooks, shelves, suction baskets. Suction cups are a great option for those who don’t want to drill through the walls again. It is important to choose suction cups that are firmly screwed to the wall with an additional bolt. It presses the suction cup firmly against the wall. Such an attachment does not slip on damp walls, holds towels, baskets with trifles well. They can be placed on the wall, above the bathroom, on the door. 
  • Full height lockers. To save space and use it correctly, you can install a narrow pencil case in a small bathroom in the entire height of the room. In such a cabinet, you can fold clean towels, put detergents and powders.

If the bathroom is separate

If the bathroom is separate, then the space in the small toilet should also be organized correctly. Directly above the toilet, you can install a series of shelves up to the ceiling or hang in a cabinet, in which you can simultaneously hide technical communications. The shelves can be covered with roman shades in the color of the tiles or panels in the washroom.

Space under the bathroom

Bathroom, Sink, Faucet, Tap, WaterIf a bathroom is installed in the bathroom, then storage space can also be organized under it. To do this, it is worth installing a special screen under the bath. Or make special shelves that will fold back when opened.

Above the washing machine

The space above the washing machine can also be usefully used. To do this, you can install shelves above the equipment. If there is very little space in the bathroom, then a sink can be installed above the washing machine.

Thus, when developing the design of apartments and the bathroom, in particular, you can apply a large number of original ideas that will help make the bathroom comfortable, beautiful and functional.


Pool With Deck: 5 Tips To Transform Your Leisure Area

The pool with deck from deck builders San Antonio tx is a great resource to increase the external area of ​​the house, to have a non-slip place for the circulation of people around the water, and a comfortable space for sunbathing or enjoying outdoors.

This complement may be what is missing in your leisure area, so we at deck builders San Antonio tx have gathered tips to have a pool with a deck and several images to inspire you to make the outdoor space more elegant and inviting to enjoy the sunny days.

To have a pool with a deck, see how the details make the difference:

  • Wood: the best wood for the pool deck is ipe. It is recommended for being a noble wood and for its strength.
  • Treatment: to have a durable wooden deck, it is necessary that the wood used undergoes a previous treatment to be exposed to the external area and resist humidity, fungi, and insects such as termites.
  • Maintenance: it is important to carry out maintenance on an annual basis with a sealer or naval varnish, which guarantees the waterproofing of the wood and its durability.
  • Site preparation: it is not recommended to install the deck directly on the grass or earth; it is necessary to make a subfloor or the installation of concrete joists to receive the deck.
  • Price: despite the high price, the wooden deck is very cost-effective. Wood is distinguished by its durability and adds aesthetic value to the property. It is also possible to find cheaper options like the modular deck.

All these tips we use at deck builders San Antonio tx will make a difference and help you have a beautiful pool with a deck. In addition, to build it, it is also important to guarantee the legal origin of the wood and to hire specialized labor.

How To Decorate A Small Garden?

Having a small garden at home is a great privilege . Because it means having a pleasant space where you can rest, get in touch with nature or have a leisure time with family and friends.

With a few simple gardening tricks you can have a place to charge your energy. Especially if you like the art of gardening.

Because the tasks that you must perform to convert a free space into a garden help reduce stress. It is an excellent hobby to occupy leisure time in relaxing.

What to put in a small garden?

Despite having little space in the patio, it is possible to turn it into a modern small garden or give it the style that we like the most.

Currently there is a wide variety of ideas to decorate a small garden so lack of space is no longer a problem. We only have to consider taking advantage of the area with useful objects that follow the general design of the garden.

Decorative pots for small gardens

The presence of flowers and plants give life to a home, therefore, they are essential. When we have little space we can turn to the walls, tree or any structure that serves as a support to hang decorative pots.

Another great option is to place a large pot on a window facing the garden. It is important that the pot does not interfere with the window opening system.

Statues or figures for small gardens

We can choose from a wide variety of sculpture styles with different meanings, whether religious or mythological. The garden is a place that should inspire tranquility , therefore, the figure we choose must have some meaning for us.

Although gnomes are still the favorite in gardens for their great contribution of color to this environment.

Small garden birdhouse

Visiting birds always brings joy to a home, especially when we live in a city. So adding a birdhouse will not only give a touch more color but life to our garden, no matter how small it is.

Water fountains for small gardens

A garden stands out a lot when it contains a pond or water feature. It does not have to be large, even if it is small, it gives a great touch and a lot of personality to the aesthetic of the house.

In addition, the water offers a feeling of relaxation and spaciousness to rest near it. If we do not have place for a fountain, we can resort to ornaments with artificial waterfalls . Which are very pleasing to the eye and the slight noise of the water flow helps to relax.

These are some of the objects that we can use to decorate our small garden, now we must think about how to combine them, remembering that the space we have is limited and the garden design must have a good style .

How to decorate a small garden?

Decorating a small garden can get a bit complicated since the space we have is limited but it is still possible by following a series of super easy steps.

Design of a small garden

The first thing we have to do is imagine how we want our garden to look. What will be the main style it will have and what decorative objects we will choose. For example, for a small garden to have a rustic appearance we can incorporate elements of wood, stone, clay or clay around the plants.

The combination of these products is highly recommended for the exterior and in a small garden we should not leave them aside as it will add a unique and natural touch to the environment.

Distribution of objects in the garden

The idea is to achieve a feeling of spaciousness in this space, where we want to relax. If we fill with objects and plants the result will not be as desired. That is why we must think about the distribution of the objects that we will include in it.

More than anything, it is important to have as little furniture as possible since they take up a large space. But of course, you cannot miss a comfortable armchair and a table to enjoy the outdoors together with nature.

The keys to how to decorate a small garden is in the cleaning and maintenance of the lawn and plants. As well as the choice of colorful plants and some objects that give it personality. Such as a small pond of water and a house for birds that will allow us to enjoy a garden full of life and color.

What Must A Bathroom Window Look Like To Be Effective?

A bathroom window plays a fundamental role in the home. On the one hand, it must fulfill its main function, which is to provide correct ventilation to effectively eliminate the humidity that is generated in this environment. On the other hand, the material of the same must be resistant to the natural conditions of the bathroom that are heat and humidity .

In addition, a bathroom window allows us to isolate our house from heat, cold and external noise, without discarding its aesthetics.

That is why it is necessary to know the materials and models that the market offers us to choose the one that best meets our needs.

Window materials for bathroom

A very important element when choosing a window for the bathroom is the material with which it is made. The development of technology allowed good progress in this regard. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the different materials that are used in a bathroom window.

PVC bathroom windows

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is one of the most modern materials and offers very good resistance to heat and humidity. Climatic factors hardly affect PVC windows and do not require any extra maintenance to cleaning .

At present there are a large number of designs and finishes that can be applied to the pvc window frame to suit the style of the bathroom.

Wooden bathroom windows

A window made of wood offers a feeling of warmth. It is used especially in bathrooms with a rustic style. However, it is not the best material in terms of efficiency and insulation. Although technology is advancing and working to solve this disadvantage.

Aluminum bathroom windows

Nowadays it is more common to find this material in bathroom window profiles, since it has great insulation efficiency, is fire retardant and offers high durability. In addition, in the market there is a wide variety of finishes and colors that we can apply to the window to suit our taste and style.

Opening systems for bathroom windows

In addition to the materials, we can differentiate the types of bathroom windows by their opening system. The best option is to choose them according to the space of the bathroom and the comfort it offers us when opening and closing them.

Swing bathroom window

This is a great option for large bathrooms, because they offer good ventilation of the environment. It is the most traditional system, which allows the full opening of the window sashes towards the sides. Taking up wall space.

Sliding bathroom window

Unlike casement windows, this design does not take up space on the sides. So it is ideal for small bathrooms that need natural lighting.

The system consists of sliding its sheets from right to left, overlapping one another. The biggest disadvantage of this model is that it does not allow a total opening of the window . So its cleaning is a bit more complicated.